About Us

Retal Clinic is distinguished for providing the latest in high tech cosmetic and implants dentistry. We offer a wide array of professional dental services using advanced diagnostic tools and techniques such as laser evaluation, digital X-rays and smile design digital photography. Our team is always ready to assist you with all your inquiries because we believe that an informed patient is a satisfied one. Upon your visit, a complete overview about cosmetic dentistry and teeth makeover will be shared with you. After all, our primary goal is to help you regain self-confidence with excellent oral health and great comfort.

Location:     Corniche Al-Hamra Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Phone:         +966 2 652 2999
Email:          retalclinic11@gmail.com

  • 1Our Vision

    To provide a world-class quality dental services that fulfill our patients’ desires and exceed their expectations. We are happy to face the challenge of giving all our patients the beautiful and natural smile they deserve.
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  • 2Our Mission

    To provide our patients with the smiles of their dreams using the latest scientific techniques and cutting edge technology.
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  • 3Experience and standardization

    At Retal Clinic we make sure to maintain a certain standard in all of our procedures, one that is closely aligned with a monitored sterilization protocol.
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