The mother of Major General Dr. Abdullah Bin Mohammed Al-Tamimi

All offer but some offer with no limits, to express the noblest meanings of honesty and sincerity in what he has promised God in order to be accordingly endowed by Him the all pleasant with rewards in what concerns the taking care of patients and in particular that one which is medical and efficient.

So with all  thankfulness, respect and appreciation, I offer you a remembrance gift that will stay as the symbol of giving and a commemoration for your follow up, care and attention.

May God take care of you and pave your way with success.
The mother of MD and Major General
Abdullah Bin Mohammed Al-Tamimi

I offer my sincere thanks and appreciations to those responsible for (in charge of) Retal Clinic to what they have offered me of support and attention, and I thank in person Dr. Amro Mousa and Dr. Abed Al Khaderi.