Our Staff

  • Dr. Saad Alharbi

  • Dr. Abdullah Alghamdi

  • Dr. Hazem Nasr

  • Dr. Hani Al Kadi

  • Dr. Amr Musa

  • Mr. Mohammed Hassan

Dr. Saad Alharbi

Implant and prosthetic dentist-USA

Dr. Abdullah Alghamdi

Cosmetics Dentist – USA

Dr. Hazem Nasr

Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS)

Dr. Hani Al Kadi


Dr. Amr Musa

Orthodontist and Dentofacial Orthopedist

Mr. Mohammed Hassan

Dental Hygienist

At Retal Clinic, we are proud to have a team of experienced doctors who are always pleased to present our patients with the best dental solutions.  Our staff has accumulated years of experience in all domains related to reconstructive and cosmetic dentistry. We are always eager to inform our patients about all the latest solutions and choices available in the cosmetic dental industry so that they can make the right decision concerning their oral health